Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Project Proposal (open pizza restaurant) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Project Proposal (open pizza restaurant) - Essay Example There is considerable hospitality management experience amongst the three. The owners of Kudos Pizzeria are of the opinion that together they can overcome their competition in the Lido Beach area. Apart from the Pizza Delivery service, the nearest pizza restaurant is at least 3 miles away from our chosen site for the restaurant. And they can be left behind easily because Kudos Pizzeria’s exacting standards about using the freshest of produce and providing the best service. The owners felt the need for the establishment for a pizza joint because the area lacked one for miles and was ripe for the opportunity. Pizza is a food group all by itself and can provide good nourishment if prepared with healthy and fresh ingredients. (Dunham, 2007)The Lido Beach area is mainly populated by tourists and young families. For both groups it is important to find a source of balanced meal, but both groups are usually found surviving on bottled carbonated drinks and packaged snacks. Also important to the owners, is the concept of family meals and Pizza is one dish that everyone loves to gather around. (Kling, Cotugna, Snider & Peterson, 2009) Kudos Pizzeria will be a profitable entity within a year of going into operation. This will be measured via the profit and loss statement produced by the company. Employee satisfaction  surveys will be held bi-annually to help assess  and understand the employees attitudes, enthusiasm, and satisfaction. Customers will also be regularly asked to submit feedback which will be used to gauge their satisfaction.   In order to assess the business’ impact on the environment, life cycle analysis and environmental footprint tools will be utilized. These will help convert the results into the financial language so as to better understand the impact. If the project is not followed through, a young and lively community will be left without a viable source of healthy and tasteful food; at least till someone else grabs at the opportunity. Also,

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